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Electrodrive powered traspak trolley for moving meal delivery units

Powered meal delivery systems

Take the strain out of meal deliveries in hospitals and aged care facilities

Meal delivery in hospitals and aged care facilities can be a demanding task. Pushing and manoeuvring refrigerated and heated tray delivery units presents risks of manual handling injuries. 

Tow heavy loads effortlessly using an Electrodrive product, remaining in front of the load, while increasing visibility and reducing the risk of collisions.

Powered meal delivery system range


The Transpak powered meal delivery trolley


Pictured carrying a Burlodge meal delivery pod, the Transpak can safely move up to 500 kg.

Powered Tug Compact

Tug Compact

The Tug Compact can tow your meal delivery systems

Powered Fifth Wheel trolley kit

Retrofittable Powered Fifth Wheel kit

Convert your manual trolleys into powered ones.