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The Gzunda GZ10 in action

Powered bed movers

Battery powered patient movers for hospital beds, stretchers or trolleys

Transporting patients in hospital beds or stretchers through high traffic areas in emergency departments, ICUs, hospital wards, busy corridors, and in-and-out of lifts, increases the risk of manual-handling injuries—including back and side strain. Simplify the task with an Electrodrive Gzunda powered patient mover.

Ergonomic electric patient movers

Ergonomically designed and battery-operated, the Gzunda patient mover range has a capacity to move up to 800 kg. Easy-to-use with simple controls and built-in safety functions, a single user can easily and efficiently manoeuvre a fleet of beds, stretchers or trolleys within a healthcare facility.

With a Gzunda powered bed mover, you can move your patients safely, and keep your medical staff safe.

Hitching and accessories for your beds, stretchers or trolleys

Gzunda patient movers have been designed to be adaptable to many different types of beds. Check the hitching and accessories page for more information.

Bed or stretcher compatibility chart

Download the bed or stretcher compatibility chart for a list of compatible beds, stretchers and trolleys.

Download chart

Battery powered bed mover range


The GZ30 bed mover

Gzunda GZ30

Safely move up to 500 kg.
Suits most standard beds. Can move beds, stretchers and trolleys.

The Gzunda GZS bed mover

Gzunda GZS

Safely move up to 600 kg.
Suits bulky beds with no 'under bed clearance'. Can move beds, stretchers trolleys and chairs.

The Gzunda GZBari - Bariatrtic Bed Mover

Gzunda GZBari—Bariatric bed mover

Safely move up to 800 kg.
Suits most standard beds. Can move beds, stretchers and trolleys.

Retractable Powered Fifth Wheel - powered bed conversion kit

Retractable Powered Fifth Wheel

Move up to 400 kg.
A retrofittable kit for converting hospital beds into powered ones.


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