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Whether it's moving patients, heavy equipment, awkward loads, linen, food, or waste, Electrodrive's range of powered mobility equipment can help your staff do their jobs safely.

With electric tugs and movers that can give one person the ability to move thousands of kilograms on their own, quickly, simply, and safely, to hydraulic bin lifters that can lift and tip a range of wheelie bins into skip bins, we can help your business save time and money by reducing the risk of workplace injuries, whilst increasing your productivity.

The Electrodrive range of powered mobility equipment will help you get more done with less, keep your staff safe, and are recommended and trusted by safety inspectors and companies alike.

Australian businesses lose $60 billion to workplace injuries each year

There simply is no safe way to manually push heavy loads. If your staff are currently doing this, you’re sitting on a time bomb. Increasing premiums, fines, and even jail sentences are punishing managers of unsafe workplaces. To do business, you now need to eliminate unsafe manual handling.

See how we can help your workplace avoid push, pull, or lifting injuries.

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The Electrodrive Healthcare range

60% of workplace injuries in the healthcare industry are directly associated with pushing & pulling trolleys, beds and wheelchairs, and lifting & assisting patients. Are your staff at risk?

Learn how Electrodrive can help keep workplaces safe in the healthcare industry.

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