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Lift heavy wheelie bins using a Liftmaster bin lifter

Liftmaster bin lifters—Australian made

Eliminate the risk of injury from lifting and emptying heavy wheelie bins into skip bins

Tipping wheelie bins into skip bins is a routine practice for most businesses. For almost 20 years, Liftmaster has been manufacturing bin tipping devices in Australia, with the aim of making handling wheelie bins safe for people in the workforce. Now we have an even bigger range of bin lifters designed for tipping bins of varying sizes and weights. 

Improve your waste management process with Liftmaster bin lifters

If your workplace has a manual handling waste problem, it's time to find a solution from Liftmaster's range of Australian-made full-swing or lift-and-tilt bin lifters.

  • Full-swing bin lifters are recommended for use in a controlled environment where pedestrian access is restricted. 

  • Lift-and-tilt bin lifters are recommended for areas such as schools, retail centres or anywhere where pedestrian access cannot be restricted. 

Our range of bin lifters allow a single operator to lift and empty wheelie bins safely, while eliminating the risk of back and side strains caused by manually lifting heavy bins above shoulder height. 

A Liftmaster bin lifter can improve waste management in your workplace. Whether you need a bin lifter for a school, business, retail outlet, construction zone, hospitality, hospital, warehouse or industrial environment, we have bin lifters to suit most applications. 

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Bin lifter brochure

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Bin lifter range

The Liftmaster bin lifter range

Full swing bin lifters

The Niftylift bin lifter


Manual assisted lift, tips 30 kg wheelie bins, up to twice per day, per person.

The Rugged (manual) bin lifter

Rugged (manual)

Manual hydraulic lift, tips 100 kg wheelie bins, up to 10 times per day, per person. Ideal for construction sites.

The Rugged (powered) bin lifter

Rugged (powered)

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 150 kg wheelie bins, up to 50 times per day. Ideal for construction sites.

Lift-and-tilt bin lifters

The Ecolift bin lifter


Manual crank operation, tips 50 kg wheelie bins, up to 6 times per day.

The Simplicity Plus bin lifter

Simplicity Plus—All new design

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 150 kg wheelie bins frequently.

The Universal bin lifter

Universal—All new design

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 250 kg wheelie bins frequently.

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