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Tug Incliner

Features at a glance

One tonne tow capacity on an 8 degree incline, or 500 kg tow capacity on a 14 degree incline

Three speed motor with emergency stop

The Tug Incliner is the perfect machine for pulling heavy loads up and down steep ramps. Able to tow 1 tonne up an 8 degree incline, or 500 kg up a 14 degree incline with ease, the Tug Incliner is designed to improve safety and efficiency, whilst reducing the risk of accidents that can occur when manually moving very heavy loads.


  • Move trolleys or wheeled objects weighing up to 5 tonnes safely and efficiently

  • Lock-tow hitch for easy attachment to trolleys

  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions

  • Low maintenance

  • Simple to use, no driver's licence required

  • Training and servicing programs available

  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty on all Electrodrive equipment

Typical applications

  • Moving heavy trolleys around high rise building and apartment basements

  • Moving heavy specialist equipment around factories and warehouses with sloping ground

  • Moving heavy trolleys around caravan parks and other outdoor areas

The powered tug range

The Powered Tug range


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Tug Incliner


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